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Who should be listed on an auto policy?

Posted by Taylor Patrick on Fri, Jun 10,2011 @ 14:06 PM

This can be a trick area of auto insurance that our insured’s sometimes need clarification on. Just who needs to be listed on an auto insurance policy? First and foremost, all household members should be listed on your auto policy. Let’s take a look at the language in the policy:

“Household member- Means anyone living in your household who is related by blood, marriage or adoption. This includes wards, step-children or foster children.”

That seems straightforward enough. Keep in mind, if a household member does not have a drivers license, then since they cannot legally drive a car, they can’t be listed on the policy.

However, it is quite possible that more than just household members should be listed on your policy. For example, your roommates in a three person apartment are not considered household members, but if they drive your car they should be listed on your policy as a “listed operator”. Let’s take a look at the policy language for some clarification,

“Check carefully that all the operators of your auto (s) are shown. Your failure to list any household member or any individual who customarily operates your auto may have serious consequences.”

The key phrase here is the “customarily operates”. This potentially means that anyone who “customarily” drives your auto, even if they are not related to you or if they do not reside in the same house, should be listed on the policy.

So for example, let’s say your brother’s girlfriend borrows your car on Saturday’s to go shopping, if she is doing this on a regular basis, she should be listed as an occasional operator on the policy. 

Just to make things interesting, the word “customarily” isn’t defined. There have been cases that have gone to court over a disagreement between the insured and the company over what constitutes someone who “customarily” drives the vehicle. It is better to be safe than sorry. Have that personal listed, and if the premium goes up, make them pay for it! After all, they are using your car.

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